Nao – SARW 2017

Having dipped my toes into previous San Antonio Restaurant Weeks this year I  decided to jump into the deep end.  Restaurant week started today, and my husband and I decided Nao, located at Historic Pearl, would be our first stop.  I am a burger-addict and have had the Nao burger on my list for months so when I saw that it was part of their lunch offering for restaurant week I had to go.

Our Appetizer course choices were the Bay Scallop Aguachile and Chicharrones & Salsas.   Ceviche is one of our regular summer time dishes and Nao’s Bay Scallop Aguachile with serranos, green apples, avocado, and tomatillos has given us inspiration to deviate from the norm.  On a hot summer August day it was refreshing and light but still had a spicy kick.  If you venture out to Nao during restaurant week I recommend you give it a taste.

Chicharrones & Salsas


Bay Scallop Aguachile


For our Entree course we had the Nao burger and it was worth the wait.  This burger is layered with all the right components -queso blanco, sautéed onions, fresh pickles, aji amarillo mayo, arugula, and tomatoes.  It is on the my list of top 5 burgers.

Nao Burger


For the Dessert choice we tried the lemon bar which was topped with blueberries and dusted with powdered sugar.

Lemon Bar

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